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Just a quick note to let everyone know that our new benchmarking script now supports OSX 10.6 on Intel hardware. That means you can run one simple command and get all of the sequential and random INSERT and SELECT performance statistics about your database performance. As usual the script is open source and released under the new BSD license. Give is a try by downloading now! See the download page for more details.

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You can download the first release of the benchmarking script here:

Please read the README file or consult the Support page before running the benchmarks.

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Welcome to, a publicly accessible database that tracks anonymously submitted data about MySQL server performance. You can use this site to see research the performance of certain types of hardware when running MySQL. Our open-source benchmarking script is free to own and use, we only ask that you allow the script to connect to this database and submit the results. All results and data collected is anonymous and viewable on this site. We only track performance data from MySQL – you can see the list on the About page.

Check out the database of benchmarks here: [link]

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